AI Lecture Series I

AI Lecture Series I

Post-alphaGo Era of Artificial Intellegence:
Brief Introduction and Application of Deep Reinforcement Learning

Date: July 22, 2017

In this lecture, AI expert Dr. Yuxi Li introduced and demonstrated the technology behind AlphaGo — deep reinforcement learning from three aspects:
1)    Background of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Deep learning
2)    Key concepts and algorithms of reinforcement learning 
3)    The application of deep reinforcement learning, including game, robot, natural language processing, computer vision, neural network, structural design, business management, finance, healthcare, Industry 4.0, smart power grid, intelligent transportation, computer system etc.

Bio of Guest speaker
Dr. Yuxi Li systematically summarized six core element, six key technologies and twelve fields of application of deep reinforcement learning in his publication “Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview” in Arxiv.