Alberta AI Monthly Mentor Session

Alberta AI Monthly Mentor Session

Alberta AI association has started a series of monthly sessions on every third Tuesday of the month to guide people, whether they have no background in Artificial Intelligence and want to learn about it or have taken few courses but want to know more and land a job in the field or consider themselves as an expert and want to meet other AI professionals, this monthly mentor session is for everyone. 

On 18th August, Alberta AI association held its first monthly mentor session hosted by Dr. Lihang Ying, the President of Alberta AI, in which around 50 people attended the event. The experts in the panel guided attendees and discussed the resources available to learn and improve their knowledge of AI.   

Here is the summary of the resources shared by the experts. 


If you are beginner and would like to learn about AI, you may find these links useful.

SirajRaval AI Education 

Deep Learning

Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition 

Computer Vision Resource 

Course on Tableau 

Python for Data Science

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Amazon’s Machine Learning University 

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning


judea pearl, madelyn glymour, nicholas p. jewellcausal inference in statistics: a primer 

judea pearl – home 

Reinforcement Learning Specialization 

Spinning Up in Deep RL

Dive into Deep Learning


Deep Learning 

Before we wrapped up, some of the attendees discussed their queries, related to the project they are working on, with the experts and after that Calvin L, who is an insurance advisor, discussed how they have deployed AI in their business.

We would like to thank all the experts on the panel for generously sharing their time and expertise and all the attendees for joining us.

If you missed the event, you can watch it on our Youtube channel here. Our next event will be on 15th of September, you can register for the session on eventbrite and don’t forget to follow Alberta AI at Eventbrite for our future events.