RL Workshop

RL Workshop

         New Industry and Research Trends

         in AI Frontier and NIPS Conferences

Workshop Information:

When: 14:30 p.m. — 16:30 p.m. December 16th (Sunday)

Location: CSC 3-33, U of A

Price: FREE

Abstract: 2018 AI Frontier and NIPS conferences have just finished. Many new industry and research trends were demonstrated. Dr.Yuxi Li will give a review on the conferences and highlight some inspiring thoughts during this workshop.

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Speaker:  Dr. Yuxi Li

  • Founder, attain.ai
  • Author, Deep Reinforcement Learning: https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.06339, (150 pages)
  • Former associate professor in China
  • Former senior data scientist in Boston area in USA
  • Talks about AlphaGo and deep reinforcement learning, including one in MIT and one for AI seminar at the University of Alberta
  • PhD/Postdoc, at AMII, RLAI, Computing Science, University of Alberta