Workshop “The impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our Life” – Overview

Workshop “The impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our Life” – Overview

Action for Health Communities and AlbertaAI held a community leadership-training “The impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our Life” on November 23rd, 2019. The workshop attracted about 300 participants including AI experts, demo presenters, and volunteers. The workshop focused on basic knowledge and awareness of AI. The purpose is to educate the community leaders as pioneers to recognize, acknowledge and fully embrace how Artificial Intelligence can transform the way we will live and work.

The workshop achieved a big success with the sponsor of City of Edmonton. Professors from University of Alberta and experts from AI industry gave wonderful speeches to our audiences. The topics were covered from mental health, Physical health, economy, education, multimedia and business. UAlberta Robomaster Club provided demos during the coffee break.

Prof. Irene Cheng, Director of Smart Multimedia Research Centre, UAlberta.

Topic: Multimedia, AI concepts and AI education.

Prof. Howard Nye. Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alberta

Topic: Technological Displacement and the Duty to Increase Real Incomes: from Left to Right

Prof. Bin Zheng: M.D. Ph.D., Director of SSRL, Endowed research chair in surgical simulation.

Topic: Human intelligence and AI application in surgical simulation.
Dr. Shi Jin: Director of Century Link (VP of Engineering, a local successfuly startup DataGarden, acquired by U.S. large telecom company – Century Link).

Topic: Share your entrepreneurship story on how you stayed on top of the tech trend and being successful on Cloud computing wave.
Dr. Bo Cao: Assistant Professor & the Canada Research Chair in Computational Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta

Topic: Challenges and Efforts in Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health

Meeting Highlights